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Originally started in 1997 as Vector Analysis and Associates, we learned the wrong way to choose a company name. Our main client had a Vector Control department creating questions about our name. While we thought we were playing off the Raster Vector data types, our clients didn't understand. During this phase we were still a part-time business, trying to find our niche.

Restarted in April 2001 as PoconoGIS, we came to realize as we grew that we still needed a better name that would be more fitting and less regional in nature. So in 2009 we reorganized and re-branded as GIS Tech Solutions, Inc.

As the GIS Market changed with the decline of Parcel conversions, 911 conversions, and training, we refocused on application development and Web Mapping Applications. Asset management was one of our growth areas, we have collected GPS locations, photographs, and attributes of over 40,000 street lights.

Finally, in 2015, with the municipal GIS market drying up in PA, we decide to accept long term contracts with New York State, and shut down our business.